AI Chatbot Pricing

Scale-Based Pricing Structure

At ChatterBot, we believe in fair and flexible AI Chatbot Pricing that grows with your needs. Our scale-based pricing structure is designed to align with the size of your website. Whether you operate a small site with just a few pages or manage a large site with extensive content, our pricing adjusts accordingly. This approach ensures that you only pay for the AI teaching necessary for your specific site size. Choose from our three tailored pricing options: Small Site, Medium Site, or Large Site, each crafted to provide optimal value and efficiency for your business.

Small Site

$1,299 Bot Build


Month Thereafter

For small businesses who can’t always respond to queries immediately but wish to maintain high customer engagement.


Medium Site

$1,599 Bot Build


Month Thereafter

For growing companies needing to manage increased customer interactions efficiently without compromising quality.


Large Site

$1,999 Bot Build


Month Thereafter

For large companies aiming to provide consistent, high-quality support across extensive, diverse customer bases.


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Since implementing ChatterBot, our customer satisfaction has soared. The quick responses and reliable service have transformed our business operations and client interactions, making everything smoother and more efficient.
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Juliana Silva
Business Owner
ChatterBot has been a game-changer for us. Its ability to handle inquiries instantly and accurately has improved our workflow and customer engagement, ensuring we provide top-tier support every time.
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Morgan Maxwell
Business Owner
We've seen remarkable improvements in handling customer requests since ChatterBot joined our team. Its consistent performance and adaptability have made it an invaluable asset in enhancing our service quality.
Jamie Chastain
Business Owner
Adopting ChatterBot has revolutionized our customer service. The immediate and precise assistance it provides has not only increased efficiency but also significantly boosted our overall customer satisfaction rates
Dani Martinez
Business Owner

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